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Boost conversion

From fast and frictionless storefronts to a more streamlined checkout, we’re making it easier to seize every sale and convert customers.


Lightning-fast page loads, everywhere

No matter where your customers are shopping, our newly expanded global infrastructure ensures they get an incredibly fast experience by efficiently routing traffic and rendering sites as close to their locations as possible.

With 270 points of presence around the world and additional locations being continually deployed, businesses are seeing their sites respond twice as fast.


One-page checkout

The checkout you know and trust is getting a major overhaul. This year, we’re rolling out an all-new, one-page checkout. Inspired by Shop Pay’s proven conversion, it’s faster, higher-converting, and exactly what your customers expect.

  • Fewer fields to enter make it faster for customers to complete their purchase.
  • Fewer page loads mean less friction for customers, which leads to higher conversion.

Drag-and-drop checkout editor

Easily edit the look of your checkout with the new checkout editor, which seamlessly integrates with Shop Pay for a consistent brand and buyer experience. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

  • Add your brand’s logo, change the background color or image, and update the font of your checkout.
  • Install checkout apps that integrate with the editor to add more functionality to your checkout experience.

Apps to extend checkout

Customize your checkout to include things like additional fields, product offers, and loyalty programs by installing apps built for checkout.

Explore checkout apps

Cart and checkout validations

Create rules that implement custom, dynamic restrictions for whether a product can be purchased, and in what quantities, with validations built on Shopify Functions.

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Build trust with Shop Promise

Communicate reliable, fast delivery by installing the Shop channel and adding the Shop Promise badge and delivery dates to your store.

  • Display smart delivery dates predicted by Shopify that are backed by a limited guarantee for your customers if they’re missed.
  • Help customers check out with confidence and increase conversion by up to 25%.

Signed-in shopping with Shop

Identify and sign in high-intent Shop users before they reach checkout with their Shop credentials, including saved passkeys. Let customers speed safely through a one-click checkout using Shop Pay, lowering bounce rates and increasing conversion.

Explore Shop’s sign-in features


Optimized image rendering and focal points

We optimize your images for the highest quality and lowest file size to improve your store’s speed and increase conversion rates. Now you can choose the focal point on images, so your products show up front and center.

Learn about image rendering

Header and footer customizations

With support for sections and blocks in the header and footer of themes, now you can customize any section of your store without leaving the editor or touching code.

Customize your store

Extend your theme with custom CSS

Easily add custom CSS to your online store theme without editing any theme files. Preview CSS changes directly in the editor.

Learn about custom CSS for themes

New color settings for online stores

Now developers can help you better understand, access, and edit global color schemes for online stores with easy-to-add color settings for themes.

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AI-generated storefront content

  • Use Shopify Magic to beat writer’s block and automatically create product descriptions.
  • Input keywords or features and our system generates a description.
  • Produce compelling, tone-specific descriptions that convert.

Better built-in search and recommendations

  • Improved search relevance ensures popular products are highlighted, and misspellings still return the right result to better match the customer’s intent.
  • Typeahead search suggestions help buyers find what they’re looking for faster.
  • Powered by data across Shopify, now product recommendations offer suggestions without any historical purchase data required.

Customize your store with metaobjects

Create reusable, custom content like a shoppable gallery, product highlights, cart upsells, and more with metaobjects. Draft, edit, translate, and reference your metaobjects directly within the online store editor, or use the Storefront API to seamlessly pull content into your custom storefront.

Find out how Smash + Tess used metaobjects

Power dynamic content with metafields

Now you can build dynamic collections with metafields. Further customize your metafields across commerce objects with updates that support rich text, money, and collection reference data.

Learn about metafields

Enhanced Search & Discovery app

Extend filters to product tags and large collections, recommend products that are frequently bought together, and optimize how customers navigate your store with enhanced analytics. Now using metafields, you can add manual recommendations and product boosts at scale.

Learn about Search & Discovery app

Sanity integration

If you use Sanity, now you can connect your content directly to your Shopify Online Store for easier development and better store performance.

Learn about Sanity

Product bundles

Coming soon, you can set up bundles with the new Shopify Bundles app or any of the upcoming bundles apps built on Shopify Functions in the Shopify App Store.

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New discount apps built on Shopify Functions

Now you can offer customers more discount types and the ability to combine multiple discounts on a single order. Choose from our four ready-to-use discounts or access additional types, like a free gift with purchase, using a discount app that integrates seamlessly with your admin. You can also build a custom app with Shopify Functions.

Explore discount apps

Create channel-specific discounts

Offer unique discounts across channels like Google, Facebook, and Instagram to strengthen customer relationships and sell more.

Sync discounts to sales channels

Updates to our Subscription APIs

Now developers can make temporary changes to subscription contracts without overwriting source data, reduce API calls when creating, billing, or updating contracts, and support local delivery and in-store pickup for subscription orders.

Read about Subscription APIs

Deferred purchase options with PayPal

Learn about purchase options

Shopify Payments available in France

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