From The Beginning

The Goal - go from start to greatness

Go from beginner to advanced applications development and sell productivity products online

I’ll share my journey and approach so you can benefit and build a path similar to mine.

What are some key components?

  • Be action-oriented and proactive
    • Let’s make it first and then assess how well it’s working
  • Clearly defined values
    • Customers and their needs are at the center
    • For example, I’m a strong believer on end to end encryption
    • I personally am not a big fan of ads in the productivity apps
    • Simplicity over complexity
  • Various pace
    • Sprint where it makes sense and run a marathon where

What do you need to be successful?

  1. Growth attitude - Build goals, identify milestones, plan effectively, evaluate honestly and create a feedback loop
  2. Communicate effectively
  3. Keep learning
  4. Build a strong people network
  5. Have faith

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