Premium Notion Tools Idea Brief

This is an idea brief about Premium Notion Tools.

Notion is a compelling note-taking application. There are things I don’t agree with about Notion, however, the team at Notion has done a phenomenal job creating a note-taking application that is truly outstanding.

My goal is to build high-quality, well-maintained, thoroughly tested Notion plugins that elevate the Notion experience, as well as improve note-taking efficiencies.

This goal starts with developing the Notion Bookmarking Tool. The bookmarking tool that Notion distributes needs to include important features to capture information on the web. The Premium Notion Bookmarking tool will allow users to not only save the URL but also save a copy of the HTML, as well as a PDF of the web page, along with other meta information. This tool will be very flexible and powerful allowing users to have various options to save and archive information they come across the web.

We are calling this tool Bookmark It.

You can find the Project Plan for Bookmark It here: Project Plan for Bookmark It